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Vision Insurance

AlwaysCare Benefits is focused on providing quality vision insurance and benefit solutions for employers and groups of all sizes. We offer fully insured and self-funded plans with flexible funding options to meet any budget and lifestyle need.

Flexible Vision Benefits

  • Employee participation levels – not employer contribution levels – determine rates.
  • Plans available with as few as 2 enrolled when AlwaysCare dental coverage is also offered.
  • 4-year Rate Guarantees available for groups with 10 or more enrolled.
  • Stand-alone, full-service vision plans available for 5+ enrolled.
  • Out-of-network benefits.

National Provider Network

  • National vision provider networks including independent practitioners and large retail chains. Vision retail chains include Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco*, JCPenney, Sears, Pearle Vision, Target Optical, Eyemasters, America’s Best, For Eyes Optical, Cohen’s Fashion Optical, Sterling Optical, Crown Optical, Rosin Eyecare, Standard Optical, Nationwide Vision, C&B Optical and more.
  • Freedom of choice—Members may elect to receive eye care and materials from different providers.
  • Open network continually growing from active recruitment efforts and provider referrals from Members.
  • Online Provider Locator access available 24/7.
* Special payment and reimbursement terms apply for material purchases at Costco.
Products may not be available in all states.

Why offer Vision Benefits?
   Regular eye exams help early detection of eye diseases, diabetes, brain tumors and various vision impediments.
Currently, over 120 million Americans are affected by vision problems.
Uncorrected vision can decrease employee performance by as much as 20%.1
Nearly 90% of daily computer users suffer vision problems associated with computer eye strain.1